4 bodies found in search for US and Australian surfers who vanished in Mexico: report

A fourth body has reportedly been discovered in a popular Mexican tourist area, where an American and two Australians vanished last week while on an apparent camping and surfing trip, the local prosecutor’s office said in a statement late on Friday. American Jack Carter Rhoad, 30, as well as Australian brothers Callum Robinson, 33, and … Read more

China ramps up pressure as Taiwan prepares to inaugurate new president

KAOHSIUNG — Virtually every day, the People’s Republic of China does something unprecedented — its coast guard briefly boarding a Taiwanese tourist boat, flying military aircraft ever closer to Taiwan or increasing harassment of Taiwanese fishing boats in the South China Sea.  “This is a problem,” says Dean Karalekas, author of “Civil-Military Relations in Taiwan: … Read more

Brazil’s Lula invites Japan’s prime minister to eat his country’s meat, and become a believer

Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Friday welcomed Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on his first visit to the country, with the two meeting in the capital of Brasilia and the South American leader pushing his counterpart to buy his country’s beef. Brazil had wished to seize on the bilateral meeting to push … Read more

13 killed as heavy rains unleash landslide in Haiti, force planes near Puerto Rico to land elsewhere

At least 13 people died in northern Haiti following two days of heavy rains, officials said. The majority of the deaths were caused by a landslide in the southeastern region of the coastal city of Cap-Haitien, according to a Thursday statement by Haiti’s Civil Protection Agency. GANGS IN HAITI LAUNCH FRESH ATTACKS, DAYS AFTER A … Read more

A military court sentences 8 Congolese army soldiers to death for cowardice, other crimes

A military court in eastern Congo on Friday sentenced eight soldiers to death for cowardice and other crimes linked to fleeing the battlefield, as the government struggles to contain violence and attacks in the mineral-rich area where many armed groups operate. In March, Congo lifted a more than 20-year moratorium on the death penalty, stating … Read more

French cyberwarriors ready to test their defense against hackers and malware during the Olympics

Just like the Olympic athletes, the cyberwarriors that will be crucial for the success of the Paris Games are deep into training for the big event. They have turned to friendly hackers to probe their cyberdefenses, like boxers who use sparring partners to ready them for a championship fight. They have studied and analyzed the … Read more

Canadian police make arrests in killing of Sikh separatist that caused diplomatic spat with India

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — Canadian police said Friday that have made three arrests in the slaying of a Sikh separatist leader last June in suburban Vancouver that become the center of a diplomatic spat with India. INDIA PROTESTS AGAINST SEPARATIST SLOGANS AT CANADIAN EVENT FOLLOWING KILLING OF SIKH LEADER A YEAR AGO Royal Canadian … Read more

Families claim Americans are ‘unjustly detained’ in Turks and Caicos for possession of ammunition

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The families of four Americans charged in Turks and Caicos for carrying ammunition insisted on Thursday that their loved ones were “unjustly detained” on the island awaiting legal proceedings. Last week, the government of the Turks and Caicos confirmed that they had charged four American men for collectively carrying 33 rounds … Read more